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Rafting on Holy Ganges : Click this link to know full details on rafting and over night camping trips on holy river Ganges.

Gotta raft, gotta go!


Only few rivers in the world have the mystique of the Ganges, the living mother Goddess of the India. Rafting on its water of wisdom is certainly an unusual experience. Enjoy  and explore the life time experience on a date with mother Ganges. Your first encounter will be the beginning  of the addiction..


Day Trips
Initiation to White Water : Half Day float trip from Brahmpuri to Muni Ki Reti (11 Kms) 
White Water Magic :Full Day trip from Shivpuri to Muni Ki Reti (17 Kms) 
White Water Action : Long full day trip from Marine Drive to Muni Ki Reti (27 Kms)

A day trip is the answer
If you want an incredible rafting adventure but canít stay the night, then a daytrip is the perfect choice.
Himalayan Adventure Holidays offers 3 great river trips on the Ganga in Rishikesh and a section of small rapids for kids and for people who are scared of water but still want to try a soft adventure. Day trips choice on Ganga in Rishikesh include the Kodiyala down (35km), Marine Drive down(26km) and Shivpuri down (17km)to Rishikesh.


Alakhnanda River is another Major tributary of Holy Ganga, supposed to be one of the rivers come out from Kailash Mansrover in Tibet. This river is good for first time rafters. It is a good float trip for families with grade II to III + rapids down to Rishikesh. The trip starts from Rudraprayag, a small town on the Badrinath road, famous for the man-eating leopard shot down by Jim Corbett in 1932. Rudraprayag is also known as a holy place for Hindus who come here to have dip at the Ghat (confluence) of Mandankini River and Alkhnanda River to wash their sins. According to Hindu myth, all the places on Ganga are known as holy places where tributaries of Ganga meet in. The entire rafting stretch is about 136 km from Rudraprayag down to Rishikesh. We raft down the river, stopping for night camping on unspoiled silver sand beaches, and visiting local villages on the riverside in the afternoon to see their culture and life style.

River Grade: III, III+ (Big volume)
Duration: (on the river) 5 days

Season: Oct. to April
Area: Uttaranchal

Out line Itinerary:

Day 01: Drive to Rudraprayag, get on the rafts
Day 02/05: On the river.
Day 05: Trip finishes on arrival in Rishikesh.


The rivers in Indian Himalaya offer an exotic journey into a beautiful land of lively people. There are many rivers to run: like Zansker in Ladakh, Kali in Kumoun, Tons in Uttaranchal, Brahmputra in Arunachal Pradesh, Satluj in Himachal Pradesh. These all are good rivers, graded III to IV, to run in a multi-day trip. The Ganga and its two tributaries, Alaknanda and Bhagirathi in the central Himalaya are some of the easiest rivers to approach from Delhi and offer good white water rafting of grade III to IV. 

The Himalayan Adventure Holidays will cater your hunger for adventure by taking you on roller-coaster rides of rivers in the Himalaya. All of our rafting trips are self-contained. We take all our gear, food, camping equipment, cooks and staff on the rafts to provide you with our best in wild. We raft 3 to 4 hour in a day and camp on the riverside beach for the night stay. We cook our food and have party there. The day starts with pretty much the same routine but then you will find out that everyday is totally different.

Rivers are graded from Grade I to Grade VI depending on the degree of difficulty they present in successfully maneuvering a white water craft (raft/kayak/canoe/cataraft) through it.
Grade I: Easy, small waves. No obstacles.
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Grade II: Moderate difficulty with clear passages.

Grade III: Difficult, high irregular waves, narrow passages- requires precise maneuvering.
Grade IV: Difficult, powerful waves. Very precise maneuvering required. 
Grade V: Extremely difficult, violent, highly congested. Team of experts only.

Grade VI: Un-runnable. Suicidal.

Sample Itineraries 

Brahmpuri Day trip Itinerary (kids stretch)
Distance: 10 km 
Time on the river: 1 hour approx.
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Total time including drive: 2 hours approx.

Grade: II, III

Shivpuri Day trip Itinerary (14 year old and above)

Distance: 17 km 
Time on the river: 2 hour approx.
Total time including drive: 3 hours approx.
Grade of Rapids: III, III+

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Marine Drive Day trip Itinerary (14 year old and above)

Distance: 26 km 

Time on the river: 4 hour approx.
Total time including drive: 5 hours approx.

Grade of Rapids: III+


Itinerary \ Terms are available upon request.

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