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Chenap Bughyal

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Bughyal means large high altitude meadows where shepherds come in summer with their herd to live with their family.


The Chenap bughyal is one of the unexplored valley of the Garhwal area.

It is situated at the elevation of 13000 ft at the bottom of the Sona Shikhar Peak.

In this valley are two lakes, the Swanu & Nandu lakes, a splendor for every trekker.

Day 1: 10 km motor road to Vishnu Prayag & 8 km trek to Thaing village.

The distance of the Chenap valley from Joshimath   is 28 km.

To enter the valley, we have to cross a bridge at Visnupravag,

and trek to Thaing village. Camp for the night.

Day 2:   6 km trek to Dhar Kharak.

The next trek starts early in the morning with packed lunch to Dhar Khark or Baidwa Kharak. The trek crosses a huge forest, one can enjoy many beautiful springs on the way. The second halt is at Dhar Khark; from here Chenap valley is only 4 km.

Day 3: 4 km trek to Chenap Meadow.

Once in the valley, one can see all the top peaks of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve.

From July to September, the valley is full with many types of flowers & ayurvedic medicine plants. According a survey by Bengalis naturalists, there are more than 315 species of flowers over there. Despite its interest, the valley has remained completely unspoiled.

From here the trekkers can go to Badrinath via the Neelkantha base camp.

Day 4: 6 km trek to Chinap kharak.

Day 5:   8 km trek to Swana Shikhar Kharak.

Day 6: 7 km trek to Kharak.

Day 7: 6 km trek to Talli.

Day 8: 8 km trek to Neelkantha Base Camp.

Day 9: 5 km trek to Dumukul Kharak.

Day 10: 4 km trek to Badrinath via Charanpaduka.



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