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ECO TREKKING IN GARHWAL HIMALAYAS :Eco tours in uttaranchal himalayas-our new ECO project in Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve..Eco development commite in garhwal himalayas..we work as NGO in Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve..Join us for a Eco tours and Project help us to make Himalayan Eco clean..Eco treks..our Eco projects in uttaranchal development works in Nanda Devi National Park..join us and log on to our web or get back to us for more details....!!


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has been officially promoted already for years in this area,

for pilgrimages to the Badrinath temple or Hemkund Sahib,

for trekkings and any other outdoor activities...

Pollution is now a main concern in many other parts of Himalaya,

around the Mt. Everest in the first line.

What do we do concrete about this?

With Adventure Trekking one porter goes on the treks to look after the dirt,

to clean and bring it down, and this works... You can see it!

Adventure Trekking has also begun a cleaning program

in & around the local villages of the Nanda Devi National Park,

with the agreement of the Uttaranchal Forest Department.


In the past, one of the great initiative to promote eco-tourism has been the creation of the


The main objective of the Nanda Devi Biosphere concept is to ensure

the conservation of landscape, ecosystem, species and genetic variations.

Encouragement to the traditional resource systems and understanding

the pattern and functioning of ecosystems are also the main conserving objects of this concept.

The NDBR was the first one to be created in Himalaya's in 1988 by the UNESCO.

More about the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve


  cobra lily    &    brahma kamal


  in the Hindustan Times,

  about the pollution of Mt. Everest in Nepal,


                                                   Adventure Trekking proposes you to contribute

                        to preserve Garhwal Himalayas

                              as unspoiled as it has always been!


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Adventuretrekking LTD has the purpose to provide you travel and vacation packages. We will inform you as much about : health, local weather, local maps, state maps and maps for trekking, as well as we try you to deliver a cheap airline ticket. Of course we give any information about mountains, peaks and special treks as well as local and Indian culture and music. Our purpose is to do this as eco tourism as a challenge to show that balance between different cultures and balance between human and earth is possible.

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