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Camping In The Himalayas

Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the wonders of nature given to Himalayan regions and sharing the warmth of its people. Wildlife camping is not very different from normal camping, except the wild camping doesn't get restricted to season or any adventure activity.
It works as a recreational program and there isn't any age limit in this. The serenity of the Garhwal Himalayas and the spiritual ambience that's surrounds its river provide the ideal backdrop for camping. We made our camps as per requirement as in center of huge dense forest or in river beach camp side. Mostly we organize our campsite in Bugyals and in base of snow capped peak. Bugyals are flat lands with undulating slopes carpeted in a patchwork of green and floral patterns. 
Anyone who likes to explore nature and wants to learn about it can take up these camping expeditions. We also organize high altitude camps, where one gets a chance to have an close encounter with high altitude Himalayan flora and fauna. The camps are set in alpine meadows above timberline with outstanding views of Greater Himalayan peaks

camping at gorson bughyal,india himalaya gorson camping,gorshon bughyal,gorson meadow camping,camping the himalayas,camping in garhwal himalayas Camping at Gorson Bughyal
Duration :- 6 Days
Altitude :- Max 3455 mts.
Best season : April / May / June / August / September / October / November

Area coverd : Rishikesh - Auli - Gorson - Rishikesh 

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Camping in Chopta
Duration :- 6 Days
Altitude :- Max 4000 mts
Grade :- Easy
Best season : April / May / June / August / September / October / November
Area coverd : Rishikesh - Chopta - Tungnath - Auli - Rishikesh 
kuaripass camping,camping at kuaripass,camping in the himalayas,himalaya camping Camping In Valley Of Flowers National Park
Duration :- 7 Days
Altitude :- Max 3650 mts
Grade :- Easy
Best season : June /July/ August / September 
Area coverd : Rishikesh - Joshimath- Ghangaria - Rishikesh 
camping at  auli,garhwal auli himalaya camping,auli himalayas camping,camping in the garhwal himalayas,india garhwal himalayas auli camping Camping at Khulara (near Kuaripass)
Best season: May to November
Duration : 10 days
Altitude : Max.3580 Metrs.

Area Coverd : Rishikesh - Joshimath - Khulara - Tugasi -Rishikes

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