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Skiing at Auli : Fresh News :- Skiing lesson start from Jan...2010...as fresh third snow fall on Jan..13th..at the moment its 1  feet snow at auli sufficient for skiers as well snowboarders. cable car not working as well chair lift too. ski lift will start from 20th jan. call us for more details and info...  0091 09759675791  or 0091 09412018481  or 09412439693.

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The Garhwal Himalayas -: " Where Reality Exceeds Your Dreams "


Welcome to Adventure World, we are rending our top services To incoming travelers in Indian Himalayas. Our fix details program are for those who thrive on discovery and Adventure Holidays. We relish the chance to venture far into the unknown.
Every our deigns program helps you escape the ordinary in pursuit of the truly extraordinary. Best of all you can count on every word in Adventure to be true. Every stunning Adventure program to be genuine. Every itinerary to be accurate and reliable details.

So let Adventure begin!! We' re looking forward to a year of fascinating discovery with you.

Auli winter Games 2010 - Saif Winter Sports at Auli 2009 /  2010  in December: 


Auli snow fall news > Third snow fall on 13th January at auli. 1 feet snow at present. skiers are enjoying the ski at auli in lap of Mt. Nandadevi second highest peak of India.


Current Status on snow condition at Auli For skiing and snowboarding as well for winter holiday vacation tours.


Snow Condition on 21th  Jan 2010



Main Slope 4 inch snow :  10 number point  9inch snow



Weather Bright Sun :  Snow sufficient for skiing at main slope


Cable car still not working :   Road condition is bad : Road have been freeze and only 3km drive possible further walk to Auli 2 to 3 hours.

Snow at Auli will remain till Jan end if same weather carry on

Important Notice :
  India will host an international winter games. The Jammu and Kashmir government will host the event and will also provide technical support for the games.

Test trail of Saif winter games will be on 15th November 2009 at Auli cancel due to machine not reached at times.

Skiing at Auli ski course and winter skiing packages tours will be running at Auli. Fresh snowfallthird snowfall at Auli on 13th Januray night 2010 More then 2 to 3 feet snow at Auli 

Contact us to participate in competition

Asian winter skiing championship will be held 2010  in Auli -  Skiing at Auli outdoor winter games and Dehradun indoor games.


Skiing at Auli : Skiing enthusiasts from all over the world have arrived on the near-perfect slopes of Auli, Situated at an altitude of 3,049 metres (11,000 feet) and in the vicinity of mountains Nanda Devi, Kamet and Mana Parvat, Auli, often called the Switzerland of the east, lies in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttaranchal. The pristine hamlet has been covered in a blanket of white as India's northern reaches reel under their heaviest snowfall.

While in some areas the snow has blocked out tourists, in Auli, its boom time. "Its good skiing, the weather will be good very soon, the Himalayas are fantastically, where scenery goes and skiing itself it is one of the best places to visit in the world. The mountain views are fantastic, the journey here is out of this world is also better to New Zealand, France and America and this is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is absolutely fantastic," said James Nagi, a British tourist. Apart from the magnificent alpine slopes, Auli has a 3.9 kilometres ropeway, the largest in Asia, linking it with downtown Joshimath. Besides, an 800 metres long ski lift and 500 metres chair lift add to the thrill. "The kind of snowfall we have had this year, Come to Auli, it's the best since the last two to three decades. This is a very good thing for skiing and we have made special arrangement to capitalise on them. There is  Asia's longest ropeway the four kilometer rope from Joshimath to Auli, besides that there is also a ski lifts, chairlifts and also got snow beaters to level the snow on the slopes,". Come Explore the Magic of Snow while you are in the Himalayas !!


No matter where you are, If you are looking for the best ski slopes, come to Auli. and for those who yearn to learn, no other place matches Auli.It offer exciting skiing opportunities to both, the beginner, as well as the advanced skier.


Auli Altitude  :- 1915  to 3049 meters.

Area :-  5 sq km.

Season :- January to March. 

Temperature :- Summer : 13º C  to   29º C  ; Winter : 9º C to 2º C.

How To reach Auli :- Joshimath is about 483 km from Delhi, via Rishikesh-Srinagar-Rudraprayag-Chamoli. From Joshimath its 12 kms drive to Auli.

From Delhi one can be in Rishikesh eiterh by Train or Bus which almost took 6 to 7 hrs. Next from Rishikesh to Joshimath its daily bus departure from bus stand, last bus to Joshimath departure at 10 From Haridwar. Also can get jeeps on share base from Taxi stand or can hire normally taxi to drop down to Joshimath.From Joshimath only hiring taxi is available to Auli, can took a magnificent ride of Ropeway and be at Auli within 25 minutes.


Skiing at Manali :-

Where words fail to deliver, where creativity falls in love with the mystique surroundings. This is what the charismatic beauty of Manali is all about. And while you will find some time to visit some of the most cherished places in and around Manali, there will be host of other places waiting for your arrival ready to enthral you with divine supremacy of Nature. Every carved mountain and every leaf on the lush green tree will share an interesting anecdote. From free flowing rivers to snow surrounded mountains, from a lonely stretch to immensely inhibited forest land, every single chapter of this interesting volume called Manali will mystify you to the core. Come enjoy the widespread beauty of MANALI

  (So use your imagination wisely)

  Visit places which are not known to the world

Take a stroll which is no where on a guide map

Go to the forests and encounter an experience which finds mention no where

Experience the heights, the pleasant chill and divine waters of river Beas

Want to try your hand at skiing? The ski slopes of Auli and Manali for amateurs are just a stone’s throw away from our cozy little retreat at Thanedar. Stay amidst the apple orchards, which are hibernating in the winter, waiting to burst forth along with the summer sun. Walk in the surrounding forests and exchange copious notes with your host over bonfire and endless cups of chuli, the local apple wine.

So what are you waiting for? Pull out those thermals, the heavy jackets and those boots that you never get to flaunt in the cities. Bundle up into a cozy vehicle and off you go into the great Himalayas for a very special winter

Winter Package Tours are available at below mention rates ;

for just Rs.13,999/-
Package details:

  Three nights/Four days stay on twin sharing basis for a couple.

   Welcome drink on arrival, Morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner, ,one full day sight seeing by coach, Enjoy free ski trip at Auli

(Valid from 15th January 2010 -- 15th March 2011)

• Packages include ski equipmetn,hotel accommodation with all meals, much more...!.
• Packages are inclusive of all taxes.

For more skiing course as well snowboarding course and winter skiing packages , winter tour packages :  click this link : Skiing Snowboarding Winter Hoidays


  Auli resort is located at the attitude of 2915 mts to 3049 extendable to gorson 3400 mts and the ski slopes are spread over 5 to 7 square kms. Auli offers a 180 degrees panoramic view of mt.Nandadevi, Mana parvat, Dunagiri, Bethartoli, Nilkantha, Nar&Narayan Parvat, Hathi & Ghori Parvat and many more Himalayan peaks.Auli has become a prominent Tourist and ski resort in the country. More than a dozen national level skiing championships have already been successfully conducted in the past.
Food & Accomodation
Adventure Trekking Pvt.Ltd provides comfortable and well attended residential facility at both Auli and Joshimath .Specially designed log – huts at Auli offer comfortable stay in pristine surroundings. The Himalayan Adventure Holidays canteen caters to meals, both vegetarian and non- vegetarian, beverages and snacks.
Facilities Of Skiing
A A state of art ski lift ,which have been imported from France. The ski lift is 500 mts long, which makes it the longest in the country.
B The slopes of auli also have the luxury of an 800 mts long chair lift, linking the lower slopes with upper slopes.
C There are two snows –beaters imported from Germany.
D Dressed and improved ski slopes, which makes the slopes of auli ideal for hosting skiing festivals and competitions.
E A 3.9 kms long ropeway links joshimath with auli . it covers a track distance of 4.15 kms and is the longest ropeway in Asia in zig back system. It has ten towers of self supporting steel structures with saddles and shoes .remote controlled hydraulic and pneumatic braking system make it the safest ropeway . Besides, most sophisticated electronic circuitry with telemetry, and storm- warning devices are used to minimize Human error.
Skiing Packages

Skiing Program 2010

Month 5 Days 7 Days 10 Days 14 Days
January 5 /  15 / 25
10 / 22 /  30
 10 / 22 /  30
10 / 22 /  30
February 2 / 10 / 17
7 / 17 /  25 7 / 27
2 / 18
March 1 / 7 1 / 9
1 / 10
Course Fees
Course Category 5 Days 7 Days 10 Days 14 Days
Up to 35 Students Rs 9,989/- Rs 12,989/- Rs 15,989/- Rs 19,989/-
Terms & Conditions
1 Fee includes boarding, lodging {sharing accommodation in} ski equipment, {skies ski boot and ski pole, ski lift, and rope way ride.
2 Student under the age of 18 year are required to submit a certificate of date of birth.
3 Student are requested to send the duly filled application form along with 50%of fees in advance by bank draft drawn in favour of Adventure Trekking Pvt.Ltd  payable at Delhi / Rishikesh / JOSHIMATH / Uttarakashi / Manali.
4 The balance 50% of the fee will have to be deposited by bank draft/cash at the time of joining the course at AULI
5 Participants must be physically fit for snow skiing course.
6 In case of accidental damage or loss of ski equipment the full lost of equipment and an additional penalty shall be charged from the concerned individual on the sport.



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